First Night Against the Wars 2012-13



A New Year’s Resolution for 2013:

A year of peace, not wars and occupations!

· No drones!

· No cut-backs!

· No surveillance!

· No U.S. intervention in Syria or Iran!

· No U.S. Aid to Israel!

Boston United National Antiwar Coalition

Stop the Wars Coalition

Jewish Voice for Peace Boston

Veterans For Peace Smedley Butler Brigade

United with Justice for Peace

Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights

3 PM until the Parade Starts at about 6

Meet at the corner of Dartmouth and Boylston Streets, near the old entrance to the Boston Public Library

St. Patricks Day Peace Parade Sun. Mar. 18th, 2012 (including press coverage)

The following links to the press coverage were compiled by Michael Borkson.

Globe article:

St. Patricks Peace Parade photos by Rachel Zarrell of Globe staff:
20 excellent photos in a slide show

The Sunday Boston Herald (normally a pro-war tabloid) posted a story with photos about our US out of Afghanistan protest yesterday in Boston- here is the link.

United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference

Register Now! Extremely Reasonable Air Fare & Hotel Rooms Now Available!

United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference

March 23-25, 2012 at the Stamford CT Hilton (one stop from Harlem/125th St. on Metro North commuter line)

Say No to the NATO/G8 Wars & Poverty Agenda

A Conference to Challenge the Wars of the 1% Against the 99% at Home and Abroad

Boston UNAC Meeting Monday

Boston UNAC (United National Antiwar Coalition) Business Meeting, Mon., Mar. 27, 7 pm
(Generally every other Monday.)

Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave., 5th floor, Boston (Chinatown)
There are important agenda items to cover:

Occupy Boston antiwar work

UNAC Educational forum

Building UNAC Conference March 23-25

Support fight for right to protest at NATO/G-8

Please add other agenda items

(781) 285-8622 bostonunac at

Links to Apr. 9th 2011 Coverage

Here is a great 10 minute piece by Peoples Video TV of the April 9 Rally that has 20 to 30 second sound bites of about 24 of the 70+ speakers interspersed with a lot of great footage of the march, its many contingents and both rallies.

The more we post of these short pieces, include them on our facebook pages etc, the more will be used by others and linked to. It really will help keep UNAC alive.
Include this message:
Please send UNACpeace at other news coverage, video links and photos.

Here are 51 links that we found so far on various sites that cover April 9 NYC Union Square Rally and March.

Boston UNAC is organizing local support for the Apr. 9th Anti-war demonstrations in New York and San Francisco

Next Organizing Meeting: Mon. Apr. 18th at 7 P.M.

Encuetro 5
33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111 (Chinatown Stop on the Orange Line T)
(781) 285-8622 bostonunac at

Apr. 9th 2011 in NYC
Massive Antiwar Demonstration

All Out Apr. 9th, 2011

Bus information available below.

Leaflets online.

List of Boston Area endorsing organizations
Coming soon
Endorse here

Leaflets with Local Contact information

Flyer with local contact infomation (2 to a page) apr9_2up.pdf

Flyer with local bus infomation (2 to a page) BostonUNACBus.pdf

These two can be printed back to back.

Full Page flyer with Boston Contact Info

Combined Half Page Flyer with Bus information on back

Contact Info

Contact Boston UNAC by email at BostonUNAC at gmail dot com

Phone 781-285-8622

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